Package 'rcheology'

Title: Data on Base and Recommended Packages for Current and Previous Versions of R
Description: Provides a dataset of functions in all base and recommended packages of R versions 0.50 onwards.
Authors: David Hugh-Jones [aut, cre]
Maintainer: David Hugh-Jones <[email protected]>
License: CC0
Built: 2024-06-24 21:24:41 UTC

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Data on base packages from current and previous versions of R


rcheology is a data package providing two data frames:


  • rcheology lists objects in versions of R from 0.50 onwards.

  • Rversions lists R versions and their release dates. NB: For a more complete and "canonical" solution, see the rversions package.

The version of the rcheology package reflects the latest R version to be included in the data, e.g. 3.5.1.x contains data up to and including R 3.5.1.

An online app for data exploration is available at

Where the data comes from

R versions are built using the evercran project.

Results are found from running ls(all.names = TRUE) on all installed packages. For more details, see guest-list-objects.R.

The Rversions data frame lists versions of R and release dates.


  • Functions not built on the relevant platform - e.g. Windows functions - are not included.

  • R 0.60 data is not yet included.

  • Functions in package tcltk are not yet included before R 2.0.0.

Historical quirks

  • In 2.9.0, package Matrix was mistakenly given priority "Recommended" not "recommended" in the output of installed.packages().

  • In 2.5.0, package rcompgen was given priority NA. The NEWS file records it as a recommended package.

Both these errors have been corrected in the rcheology data.

Check if a core R function changed between R versions


Check if a core R function changed between R versions


fun_changed(fn, from = NULL, to = NULL, package = NULL)



Character name of a function in a core R package.


Minimum R version (optional).


Maximum R version (optional).


Name of the package (optional).


0 if there was no change. 1 if the function's arguments changed. 2 if the function was not present in all versions. If the function can't be found or exists in multiple packages, throws an error.



fun_changed("debugonce", "3.4.0", "3.4.3")
fun_changed("debugonce", "3.3.0", "3.4.3")

Data on objects from current and previous versions of R


A data frame with every function (and other object) in versions of R from 1.0.1 onwards. Variables are:

  • package: package the object comes from

  • name: name of the object

  • Rversion: version of R as major.minor.patch

  • type: Result of calling typeof() on the object

  • class: class() of the object, separated by slashes if there are multiple classes.

  • exported: TRUE if the object name was found in getNamespaceExports(). True for anything in the "base" package. NA if the package does not have a namespace (e.g. "datasets" in early versions).

  • hidden: TRUE if the object name starts with ".". These objects are not reported by ls().

  • S4generic: TRUE if the object is an S4 generic according to methods::isGeneric(). Note that in earlier versions of rcheology, this column was called generic.

  • priority: "base" for base packages, "recommended" for recommended packages. NA for earlier versions of R (pre 1.6.0) when the priority concept did not exist.

  • args: the arguments of the function, or NA for non-functions

Previous R versions with dates


A data frame with 2 variables:

  • Rversion: version of R as major.minor.patch

  • date: date of release


This goes back to 0.x releases. For 2.15.1-w, see here.